yamz-Athens Asunder
2021-04-14 · 英语区

Outlook for second half of the season.

The Athens Asunder have gone 4-5 in the first half of the season which slots them in 7th place, but only a game out of the playoffs. Last year's star Calvin Reed is having a difficult time adjusting to this league, but he now has younger players biting at his heels for playing time. On defense the Asunder have been playing tough gain this year, with 3 players in the top 11 in steals. The Asunder also have the leagues #1 blocker, now they just need to start dropping some dang shots. It is looking like the goal of making the playoffs or getting a home game for the relegation match is still in sights. Now just got to see how the remainder of this season goes. Hopefully it doesn't completely crash and burn.