smokin rams
2021-08-06 · 英语区


this is the player my "scout" selected this morning. heres my rant: the players I scouted in amatuar and lvl 1 were SO much better than this player (and ANY player I scouted since lvl 2) wtf, is a LVl 4 scout doing selected this low level player!?! it's just sickening! I'm starting to feel the ONLY way to get a decent player to train up is to purchase them for 4.99 and that that is bought into the system. the damn scout should improve too as you move up throw the levels NOT get FCkN worse!!!! I was going to apologize about my rant but we are all big boys here and can handle it. I'm NOT sorry, that's how I feel and it's starting to piss me off. no need to respond, I just wanted to rant a little.