2022-01-24 · 英语区

How to train this guy?

Anyone have a good suggestion on how to best train this guy. So far I’ve only trained man-2-man defense and layup. Clearly the stats suggests he may be more of a driving guy but passing ability makes me question whether it will be worth doing. Starting to think more of a back up 3 and D type of player. I’m maxing his outside defense which should be able to get him to at least 220 man-2-man and 200-220 in steals plus decent shot contest and max layup which should reach 200+. I probably will switch over to defensive rebounding after that and then offensive rebounding. Just don’t know how to utilize the guy offensively.... He never takes a shot in scrimmage - most likely because he has 50 in current shooting skills but makes it impossible to know whether he has a knack for shooting the ball...