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Archetype Advice
What are the best Archetypes for outside scoring team for all positions, for inside team for all positions and for a balanced team for all positions? If anyone has any advice i would be grateful.
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Fed up with this game.
So I was demoted from PL5 last year after losing my playoff game as the higher seed. Coming into this year I thought I was going to run through PL4 and make a championship run... was I wrong. Currently the 9 seed and I can’t win a game. I challenge teams before I play them and beat them by 40 to 50 points but somehow when I play them with a higher defensive intensity I lose by 20 to 30 points. My team is higher overall and I don’t know what else I can do...
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The Return
Haven't played in awhile, return to BCM to see that I'm at a -12M balance and all of my once promising, young talents had gone from age 21 to 29. It's time for a long rebuild to make the Cyber Heat competitors once again!
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BCM Insider: Midguards Survive Quarterfinals
It was a Cup Quarter Final to remember for the Midguards. Down 17 points to the Bandits heading into the 4th quarter, Yggdrasil found themselves facing a heartbreaking defeat this late in the Cup with their backs firmly against the wall. Newly voted in, team captain,  and league MVP, Sebastian Ali refused to call it quits. The speech he gave his team at the end of third must have been very inspiring because the 4th quarter was something special. Down 17, the Midguards outscored the Bandits 41-21 in the fourth quarter and it was tied 130-130 when  Point Guard Sebastian Ali chose to shoot a 3 with just a few seconds left instead of driving in or passing out (the defense was thick everywhere). Time seemed to slow down as the ball arc'd through the air towards the hoop. The crowd held their breath,and Ali did his best impersonation of Steph Curry, as he turned to the crowd as soon as she shot and did his signature "Driving the dagger home" taunt he has become famous for. Time expired a second later and the Midguards had secured a spot in the Cup semifinals. We were unable to catch up with Sebastian as the team instantly mobbed him in a loud celebration, and I had to focus on covering my ears as the crowd around me erupted into a cheer so loud the stadium rocked. I did get a chance to talk to former Midguard, C.J. Cabungcal who took the time to support his old troops while his assistant coach took over for the Wolves friendly match that night. "That was incredible. When you talk about comebacks, especially in something like a Cup Quarterfinal...a 17 point comeback in a quarter is just incredible. C.J. what are your thoughts on what you just witnessed?" An enthusiastic Cabungcal shakes his head in amazement. "99% of teams and players feel defeated going into the fourth down 17 points. When I saw Sebastian giving that speech at the end of the third, I knew they were about to go on a run at least...and doing so without calling anyone out, but still lighting a fire under everyone who needed to heat up...it was something else man...and the game winning 3." "Ali is something special at Point Guard." I point out. "Yeah he is. He works every day to improve the flaws in his game...what little there is. But I am gonna go say hi the boys and then I have to get back to my team, but it's always good to talk to you guys. Cheers."
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How do I get a player off cold?
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7 stars PG with 10 cent in market,BEIJING time 9:00 tonight
take him to your team
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7 stars PG with 10 cent for sale,BEIJING time 9:00 tonight
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Shoot when reasonable badge
Has anybody ever put that badge and maxed it on all their players? Or seen a team that has done this? If you havnt, what do you think the results of that would be. I'm super tempted to try it out, I was just wondering if anybody else has done it already.
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BCM Insider: Meet the Player
It's been a while since the team at BCMI did a meet the player edition, and to celebrate the birth of his child today. We decided to reach out to Pietro via the internet for some questions. But first, WHO is Pietro Rushing? Pietro Alexander Rushing was most notably a standout as three sport varsity player in High School, and by the end of his Senior year he had decisions to make; he could play Second Base in Baseball at almost any school of his choice, Quarterback at some schools; his local school, the Michigan Wolverines offered him a scholarship, but the competition was thick and Pietro was less apt to concussions then draining threes. When it was all said and done, he turned down the college offers to play Basketball for the Wolverines and signed with the Midguards in Season 21. Capable of playing anywhere on the Wing, Rushing's true impact comes from his seasons of tutoring of former Captain and current Coach of the WAR-Wolves, C.J. Cabungcal. His defensive game has improved under careful tweaking to go along with his stellar shot. His 92% career free throw mark and 49% Field Goal percentage are what keep Coach Vincent Wood delighted with the 22 year old. BCM: Congrats on your child Mr. Rushing! PR: Thank you! I'm overjoyed! You can call me Piet by the way. 😁 Travis James Rushing is gonna be a star in this league in about 18 years!!!😂🤣 BCM: Already thinking ahead? Haha. I dig it. I'm sure under your training he could be a star. PR: I'm honestly not going to force him down any path one way or the other. If he shows interest in Science for example that's the field I'll help cultivate. Sorry if that'scheesy, but after today everything just feels so different. BCM: As a parent myself I can agree to that. It only gets better, and worse at times, but better. You missed tonight's Regional elimination game to go be at the birth of your child. We heard theres a funny story about that if you want to share? PR: 😂🤣😅 I was originally scheduled in the lineup before she we but into labor and my wife promised me it was okay to play because the labor would last hours and well- shes a baller too, she understood. I was ready to stay at the facility but Coach V.W. brought a Driver over and tickets back to Buenos Aires and said "Go be with your family. Your truly important family. Your brothers will be fine." Hearing the word family just made something inside me tick. I just nodded and made my way out...I'm guessing the driver messaged y'all 😂🤣 BCM: We'll never reveal our sources! 😂😉😅 Your teams success in PL4 has been unreal this year, still alive in both Cup and Regional and you're cruising through League with only one loss and no clear competition for the title. PL5 is back in sight, are you guys ready to stay? PR: 👑👑👑 BCM: Triple Crown? PR: Triple Crown. It's no secret that was C.J.'s goal for us the day he left. He gathered the whole locker room, there was a big speech. The most amount of men crying in a single room since the ending of Marley and Me. 😂 BCM: Carlos is now Coaching former union member the Wolves and seeing some success early on. Are you upset he turned down the Assistant job here? PR: Heck no! Warboys get paid. Coach V.W. never offered him the job officially. There was talks and then after Wood had outside talks with the owner of the Wolves they had decided C.J. had the playing experience and learning experience to step into the role as Coach successfully. We train with the Wolves weekly at the W.A.R. Facility, as well as all members of the Union. They are savages, C.J. is a savage, it's a good fit, trust me. BCM: I agree. Good luck with your future as a player and a parent, Piet, and thank you so much for your time to answer these questions, we will let you get back to future Hall of Famer, Travis James Rushing. Congrats. Gods Bless PR: Thank you. Take care. Oh, I just got a text from Coll and he says do him next. BCM: Coll Dalton? PR: Yep. Want me to message you his details? BCM: Yes please! Tell him we'll contact him to set something up shortly! thank you! 😊 PR: Hakuna Matata. Ciao guys. Use a charming picture please 🤣
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for sale
last 16 hours. i need some cash 😣
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badges effect?
Does badges slot 4 (e.i rebounding, playmaking, inside, outside, defrnse potential) have effects on every player training? Thanks and appreciate any comments. Player League 1
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training growth fast???
I'm just wondering how others can train their player faster than mine? I mean i tried 17d (1 season) and the growth was slow, but i see on market others have like (2 season) almost maxed attributes. Does player league level have different growth training? Thanks and appreciate any comments. Player League 1
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They should add...
I think a really helpful addition to the game. Is in the description with the badges. Telling what attributes coincide with the badge, to maximize the potential of it. That way people aren't taking a shot in the dark with certain ones. Spending currency on badges, that don't work well with what their player does best. They will get the most out of their players and team. Keeping them invested and playing longer. Obviously when people are doing bad. They get discouraged and quit playing. This would help with the quality of game play.
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Selling a PF/C
Inside scorer and offensive rebounder for leagues 1-4. His Speed/Strength balance ratio is great for a PF.
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WTF is up with this engine
I have 3 players with 250-252 in 3 point shooting skill in pl6 (cap at 220). They are currently shooting ~20% from deep after first half of season and most shots they take are wide open 3s because I am forced to play balanced offense which makes my big men do everything except when a 3 shooter is completely open. How is it possible that they keep shooting 20% from 3 with this type of skill level on open looks?????? I don’t get it and it is driving me nuts. If a player is a SHITTY 3 point shooter, then don’t let him get to a 250+ in 3 point rating. I have essentially waisted 3 seasons getting these guys to this level so I can finally go back to playing outside attack but they can’t make a single damn shot making them completely useless!!! Can someone help me understand this logic from bcm and why it is that since this last update my players can’t make a damn shot. Do I need to sell my entire team, drop to pl3 and start over hoping to find one player that can actually make a shot and for bcm to change the engine again and having to start over the same process again????????????????? I am so over this game at this point and I have already spend probably $250 on this game. It’s a damn joke! Done spending one more penny on this garbage!
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Strategy decision making
I am going to keep emphasizing 2 points until bcm fixes the issues. One is that offensive rebounding is WAY overpowering and even if a team focuses on rebounding they should never out rebound another team in same pl by 3-1 or 2-1, not even close! 2) the more I watch my games - both back-up team, starters, and young talent, the more glaring the issue is. No matter how low ball handling skill, inside shot, or overall offensive ability my big men has, these big men will control every game and take majority shots. I am just watching a scrimmage game at moment and I am using 3 young big men, all with strong inside defense (220ish) and good rebounding (200-240ish), the rest of their abilities are junk with ball handling and inside shot absolutely disatrous (about 50-60 in each skill). Meanwhile, I have 3 players (pg, Sg, and sf) that have between 225 and 250 In 3 point shooting and all have between 100-130 in ball handling. You would think, while not having strong ball handling skills, the 3 shooters would control almost every possession and shot a lot of 3s in my game. Not the case.... these guys took 5 3s and about 15 total shots in the game while the bigs took the remaking shots.... what do I do to fix this issue? I have substituted and bought and sold numerous bigs and I continue to have this issue.... it makes no sense. As such, it must be that the game engine is flawed and needs to be fixed!
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sale a SG/SF
The basic information is in the pictures.
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Training defense
I know on offense it’s better to train one stat really high but what about defense? For outside defense do you want all 3 equal or one extreamly high and the others average?
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Please fix the rebound discrepancy
frustrating that we are this deep in to the game, and there are still huge discrepancies in rebounding between teams in the same league. It just doesn’t make any sense that teams in the same league out rebound another team 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 in some instances. I get that a rebounding focused team should be slightly stronger on the boards but it shouldn’t be 80-25 in rebounds or even 60-40, no way. Especially between teams that have similar total rebounding skills. All you need in this game are two guys with 70 rebounding and the rest 0 and you will out rebound the opposing team by 40 rebounds. An easy fix to this issue is to make the box-out skill more valuable on defensive rebounds, it is really tough to grab offensive rebounds in reality because you do not have position but in this game, regardless of box-out skill And position once the shot bounces of the rim, a skilled rebounder will essentially jump over the defender and grab the offensive board over and over again. Ive seen the same guy, out-of-position, grab 7 rebounds after 7 missed layups in a row.
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This season
has been unbearable to say the least. My team offensively and defensively have been worse than they ever have been. I just got beat by an 0-7 team who hadn't been close to winning and they beat me by 30. Even my best scorer, who has averaged 40 a game the past 3 seasons and has never averaged less than 30 can't score all year. It's driving me nuts.
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