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Badges, badges, badges... They are ultimately one of the most influential attributes we as "managers" have on our players. You could invest in the "Pull Up" Badge for your best scorer. Perhaps "Defense IQ" for your Center to help him all around. So many choices and possibilities for your players and team building chemistry. ~~~~~ Offensively, Which badges help the most? Which badges are garbage? How do you like to pair particular badges with certain positions? ~~~~~ Thanks for all and any advice :)
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Selling a good centre forward.
Selling a good centre forward.
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My captain clutch Calvin Reed
Just pulled off a great overtime win after my starting guard Calvin Reed got fouled with under 20 seconds left on a 3-pointer, down by three he drains all of them like it is nothing sending it into overtime. Once in OT we take over and put the nail in the coffin. Good game was glad I woke up for this morning. Anyone else have a close win or a heartbreaking lose?
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Where to from here
Playing the top side with a nearly 4 point better overall, on his home court. Currently receive $45000 a day compensation from him(or her). I have 1% fatigue so will be using clutch intensity so my guys are fit and rested! I’ll find out how much work I have to go to be a contender tonight, going 2-2 this season p3. I sell out all games and am well under the salary cap this season so profit is good. Anyway I’m leaning more towards making sure I’m very profitable and fit financially even if it means I lose a couple games while this guy dominates us so I’m sharp next season when my guys mature a bit more and buy a real stud on the market. Also i am trying to stay alive as long as possible this season in all cups as well. I have heaps of potential on my roster so that’s fine, but upgrading players is getting way more expensive because bargains are much harder to find on trade market! Anyway I’m just saying that I like how you have to constantly try and work out where you sit in the scheme of things, and it’s absolutely fine to dominate for a couple of seasons, but eventually you just run into someone who spends heaps more cash than you do (not a complaint!) so then you have to come up with another plan. Fun times ahead!
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my team just became a team full of JR Smith
with 15 seconds left in a league overtime game, down by 1 point, my players decided to let the clock run down to 0 without attempting a single shot 🙃
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What’s everyone’s competition like?
Overall of all the teams in my division (greatest to least) 44.55 43.57 (Me) 43.41 43.41 43.09 42.51 40.62 40.61 39.23 38.66
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Intensity setting....
So watching my cup game right now. I am playing with a relaxed setting and watched a few other games where my intensity is set at relaxed. Is the relaxed setting causing other team to make a lot of stupid contested shots while your team misses a ton of open layups??? I just don’t get it, so damn frustrating to watch your players missing layups like junior high school kids that will get kicked of team.... I would get it if defense was more slack leading to more easy shots/layups but to watch the discrepancy in stupid shots made by opponent and easy layups Missed by own team is ridiculous.... Anyone else noticed this or is it just my team?
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Mediocre Center/Power Forward
If you are looking for someone who can be a career backup, and will always make sure the Gatorade is ready for the starters. You should check out Kelley Lyle. A player so good he needed two first names. Also, he is the best raise the roof guy on the bench.
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Shock on how well my team has performed so far
I'm shocked how well my team has done so far in pl3. There are 7 teams that have a better overall then my team. I dont think my team is ready for pl4 but it's not in me to just tank because I'm to competitive lol
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I See You
‘Zona Cats
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Terrible Deal
Is this the worse deal in the game? 15k for 50 honor points. You earn 5k for buying it, so technically it only costs you 10k. But I can go to the challenges and 300-400 honor points for free daily lol.
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Idea for developers. Hiding scores of games on main screen
I don't know about anyone else on here, but I enjoy watching games "live" but sometimes don't get up early enough to watch them. If I already know the outcome of a game I don't enjoy watching it as much. I would propose an idea where we could hide the outcome of the most recent game until we either watch it, or just see the results if that is all that you wanted. Just my two cents, anyone else have any thoughts?
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Outlook on the third season for the Athens Asunder. PL2
This season it is looking like I finally am getting the competition that I have been wanting. I am enjoying watching the games as long as I get up early enough for them. I find myself cheering on my players during the "live" games while laying in bed. I have been on the wrong side of a few blowouts, but they were at least learning experiences. Now that my fatigue is down, I should hopefully be a little more competitive. One bright spots I have noticed this season is watching some of my underdeveloped players slowly move into their role on the team. My goal for this season is to either make it to the playoffs, or win my relegation game. I am the 3rd weakest team in my league. But we should be able to pull off some upsets along the way.
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perfect players for playoff push FOR SALE
3 players i have up for sale. Grab em while you can. ive relied on 2 of these guys but ive decided to throw away this season and go back down into lower leagues while i develop my players for the upcoming seasons.
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not a normal win
this is the part where i would normally toot my own horn and say yay! i won to stay undefeated in both league and my career. but i have never been so worried about losing it in this game. sure the final score was a 14 point win. but it doesnt depict how the entire game went. every time i went up by 2. he came and jacked a 3 for a one point lead. thought this would be my first loss for sure. it was not until the final few minutes that i started to pull away because i had a 5 point lead and he started missing 3s and forcing me to have to win it at the free throw line. all i got to say is thank god my team rocks at free throws. was a great game. i only feel i won cuz of home court advantage. and next time it will be at his home court. THAT IS ALL.
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Curious for your input
I have a 5.5 star player who is 28 years old. He was my first purchased player. He was once an unstoppable beast for many years then one day it was like he decided he didn’t care anymore. If I start him at any position he will play a lot of minutes but literally do nothing. If you look at his stat line he was 0/1 shooting with 0 points. This is a very common stat line. He doesn’t do much of anythin anymore. He’s normally my backup pg and he works for me there. I was just curious if anyone else experienced anything like this before?
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Figure it Out
Developers really have to figure this game out. Last season they over buffed the 3 point shot, this season they buffed shots taken inside the paint. You can’t develop a solid team when they do this! You could have spent all of last season working with 3 point shooting skills, only for that to be nerfed the next season. I love this game, don’t get me wrong. It’s just so frustrating when you are trying to develop a team
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So many variables
Starting this season off on a tough note. With week four steadily getting behind us, the Wolves are 2-2 in league play. This year our cursed number is 4 as we have lost both by 4. I’m confused if your home court advantage even works anymore. Going into today I was set and ready to play a team who has an overall of 43.41. While my overall is 43.57, (yes I know it’s close) we played a normal defense and no fatigue at home while covering their offense. What kills me is I feel like I have to “CLUTCH” every game.
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Orange star finish
Never really got why the last star turned orange ? Anyone care to chime in ? Also I fell like some stars are young and already orange star out like 22 .... how is this ? Is it just grinding cause my guys don’t develop that fast ??
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pretty pointless to post
this is pretty pointless to post my re-re-revamped roster. cuz every time i post it the next day its totally different. i will say i have jumped from 39.99 to 41.42 in a matter of two days.
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