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my first player that I scout that's 6 1/2 stars
my first 6 1/2 star player that I have scouted. I hope I'm able to draft him!!
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After a comfortable 2-0 start in league play we have run into some tough competition in the first round of the cup! We plan on taking the cup this year but that can’t happen if we get canceled out first round 😤😤
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How do you add stars on to your player
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Clover Garden Press Conference
Trav: Good afternoon, I’m Travis Cloverfield, owner of Clover Garden. Thank you all for coming out today, let us begin with questions. CBS News: This morning fans lined up outside this arena in protest of your decision to cut and sell the players that brought this organization and city a championship. TC: Look. Where are these protesters? Outside, right? Exactly - they’re outside worried about a business move I made that’s paying off for the team already. These are the type of bit*hes that have debt collectors constantly calling their phone and got lights in their kids name, but worried about what a self-made man like myself is doing. These people wouldn’t sweep at their own porch if the broom was in their hand. We have sold out both home games since those players were moved and will sell out today’s home game as well. Fox Sports: You are a colorful person, has anyone behind the scenes ever whispered to you to tone it down? TC: You want me to turn down my blackness in other words? I believe in being honest and keeping it 100. Look at me like the President of the country, only I don’t lie and pander to a specific group of confederate flag waving hicks. I tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. If I want to say “y’all going to he*l” I’ll say it. Say what you mean, mean what you say. ESPN: You recently stirred a ruckus to some kids and their parents over a plate sale for little league basketball players, can you explain what happened? TC: Look, fu*k these parents. They were helping raise money for kids to buy new uniforms. I bought a plate and when I opened it, I felt ripped off. These folk tried to sell me a $8 plate of Uncle Ben’s rice, some coleslaw and some cornbread that looked like it was dry enough that choke the sh*t out of a cow. And wanted $1.50 for a can of Walmart Great Value soda. You trying to raise money for kids, or to pay some bills? When people are buying something, make sure it’s a good product, don’t half-as* it and use the kids as a crutch. So what I’ll do is buy the kids the uniforms myself. Anymore questions? Channel 2: Omar N’Guett cleared waivers and is currently looking for a team, would you welcome him back under a cheaper contract if he isn’t picked up. TC: He*l naw. Would you take your ex back after nobody wanted her? No you wouldn’t, unless you desperate. I’m not desperate. I am a believer in continuing to move forward. No man that misses not 1, not 2, but 3 wide open layups deserves to wear a jersey here. Fuck that n*g*a. *Fans gasp* TC: Thank you all for your time.
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anybody else have this problem?
when sending a message to somebody on your friends list. no matter what the last word you typed was. when you send it. that last word is always deleted. and yeah i know you only have so many characters to type. these are 4-8 word sentences. so its not the length.
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Issue with forum
Am I the only one that can’t see more than one line of text in the initial posts in the forum?
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Player knowledge
I’d like to see the developers make more notes that if a player isn’t good at shooting the 3 ball then in a game the player knows he isn’t so the player doesn’t shoot that shot and focuses on the shot that the player is good at and can do the most damage with. This would make it that the more better balanced players that are good at everything are more deadly instead of a player getting a lucky 3 when he shouldn’t have shot it. Obviously if the clock is running down and they have to then they have to but I would just like to see a more realistic system to unique player game to the specific player and his attributes. Let me know what you guys think about this!
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Better Campus?
is there a better campus than advanced? I am in pro level 3 and only have the 2 options for my campus
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New offensive and defensive tactics
Has anyone figured out how to best use the new tactic features and what they do? I’ve watched a couple of games and don’t notice almost any difference in offensive gameplay. 1) For example. Do I put best driver as the isolation guy or the best shooter (I assume best driving skills...). 2) does my defensive isolation picks defend opponents offensive isolation picks or is it only based on skills (if former it seems as if you can manipulate and put two average guys to be the picks for isolation offensively and that way have best isolation guys playing against worse defenders)... I have not been able to find any discussion on this yet!
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Developing True Point Gaurds
Has anybody figured out which stats to train that lead to a true, pass first, point gaurd? I have tried to develop 4 of them now, and only one, my first market pick up 5 seasons ago, has the feel of a true point. The reason I ask is because I picked up a random 6 star player I didn't need or want, from the market, towards the end of last season, for dirt cheap. The owner who originally had him trained nothing but handle on him, in playmaking, before selling and I figured why not, super undeveloped, with 130+ handle, and still 35 points to go in playmaking for cheap. It turns out this guy averages 6 assists easy with only 50 pass and 60 vision, and it's confusing me, honestly. It has left me wondering if this guy is just a natural passer, or if the handle training is what has led to him being what he looks like he will be. So im looking for anybody that has had experience successfully training a pass first point gaurd (10 + assists a game) that might be willing to comment on how they did it.
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Game Updates
I’m really liking how the developers are continuing to grow their game! The choice of adding Isolation plans into the offense and defense game plan going into games to me is a big deal, especially on the aspect of how realistic the game is! Continue to do your guy’s thing! Can’t wait to see what you guys got in-store for us!
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War Chimps are a fan favorite across the basketball world. By far the fan favorite in the Windy City, the War Chimps fill out their stadium, The Rain Forest on a nightly basis. Fans around Chicago bond over the team as they pass each other on the streets or in bars wearing their jerseys of star players like Bryan Pham, Andy Benton, Elia Vidè, or Guo Chunzhong. The team has won two straight league championships and are looking for their fifth total. Insider Reporter, Amelia Chase sat down recently with Owner Sherrod Dreem, yes, the former MMA Champion from Southside who seemingly invested his winnings and sponsorships well. "Sherrod, thank you for being my first guest on this weekly segment. You created an empire and a dynasty. A relatively young team in the League you have quickly become the 100th ranked team in the United States and a fan favorite throughout the world, would you say youve succeeded in your goals as an owner?" "Thanks for having me. And my goals are long term success, its easy enough to win a few League Championships early but I have dreamed about extended success with a team of guys repayed with loyalty for their success. You see a lot of guys only lasting one or two seasons on teams and that blows my mind. I want to find and keep winners man." "That loyalty to guys like Pham and Benton has seemed to pay off but sources say there is a little animosity brewing as Benton has started to seem irked by his move to a bench playing sixth man. Is this true, Sherrod?" The Owner shrugged and shook his head. "You know, all of my guys have a fire lit inside of them and sometimes a little too much smoke gets out, but I feel like those rumors have to do with Benton's tweeting and instagram posts. Its tough when you feel like you KNOW FOR A FACT that you have the talent or skill to do something but someone else tells you that someone else would be better. Early on in my fighting career I couldnt book a main event, after countless knockouts and starting my career 14-0 I became famous and got what I wanted. Benton will keep competing and earn those starts..." "Or.. ?" "Or he wont. Simply as that. I want warriors who will battle on a nightly basis, not primadonnas. And im not calling anyone on my roster one- im just saying we have no room for it in Chi-town." The reporter nods and flips through some notes. "War Chimp apparel is currently the hottest selling gear in the state of Illinois, with sales of Bryan Pham and sterling prospect Tian Anming overselling the jerseys of Chicago Bears and Cubs stars. Youve given the Windy City hope and pride again in their sports. But you also have done a lot for the city thay might go unnoticed such as donating a lot of money and time of your players to the locsl Boys and Girls Club, as well as hosting free basketball camps for youngsters in the city. So from all of them Id like to thank you for your effort." Mr. Dreem smiles "The kids are the future. Someone has to help the unfortunate people in the city, and we know the Mayor doesnt care to do so...but lets not get too political. I started out at a Boys and Girls after school program got into boxing, then MMA, the program is awesome and I will always be there to support my city." Afterwards, he offers a complimentary tour of the eleborate stadium and a trip past the trophy case, loaded with the four championships and gifted her tickets to the next game along with drink passes and food passes. War Chimps Basketball has taken the city of Chicago by storm, and if Hollywood movies which occasionally give way to real life occurences have any value...pretty soon we could be looking at a Planet of the Apes. With a team of warriors behind Coach Peter Stratford, and competitive owner like Sherood Dreem, the possibility is certainly there...
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Pl3 is freaking tough!
Not a single easy game in pl3. Will be a fun season for sure!
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Development for players.
what happens to the players when you delegate them to development on Campus 👀
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An idea, or maybe it is something out there I don't know of yet.
Does anyone know of a way to see info other leagues, or see the results for games outside your league. I am trying to scout an opponent, and would like to see their previous games. Even just a box score would be nice.
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Improving talent?
Is it just me or is the general talent of lower divisions improving? I saw a pro level 1 team with a better overall than what I had to win my league. Maybe just an outlier.
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Hidden attributes
I see all these comments about hidden attributes and hopefully players have good ones and yadda yadda, but does anyone know what the hidden attributes are? I realize this may be a dumb question because they are “hidden” which means no one would have seen them so do they even exist? I’m just confused
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this will make you happy.
this should make some of you happy. my first loss is guna happen in game 3 this season. that should just thrill some of ya'll to death.
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New Country
Double X just got the word today, they are leaving the United States and going across seas. Wales is their new country or origin. They are looking forward to the change of scenery and competition moving forward.
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I have the best draft pick from this past draft and I can’t imagine someone showing up with better!! As a matter of fact post one of you players who’s got some great defense that can check him!
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