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League Playoffs
We are in for a wildddd final day , The Freakshows are currently sitting in 6th but the 4th place team plays the 2nd place team tomorrow so they should lose by a decent margin and the Freakshows play the 6th ranked team that we have already beaten so it’s all going to come down to point differential and maybe we can sneak into the playoffs ! Regardless we won’t be getting promoted this season and will have to pay luxury tax out the ass next year . Happy hooping everyone
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I lost in the semi-finals
took a big loss in a cup really thought we were going to the championship better luck next year we played terrible
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Terrible end to a struggling season
My teams leader, Johnathan de jesus Fornos, just shot my team out of any hopes of a potential playoff berth, by shooting 30+ shots a game over the last 5 games, on a mundane average of 25-30% (causing the team to go 1-4 w/l, and losing against 2 teams in the bottom 4 of the league). I find myself facing relegation once again, and I have to seriously consider roster adjustments, specifically regarding 3 underperforming players (set to make 35-60k each on contracts), with the team leader being the highest profile player at risk, after his shakey performance in must win games down the stretch. Hopefully all y'all have had better luck then what I have experienced over the past few days. Here's to coming up against the luxury tax, in my 3rd season at pro 2 -_-.
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Sooo dead...
I am facing the #1 seed. He crushed me game one, and is going to go 18-0. #3 and #5 square off tomorrow. So if #3 loses to #5 I’m out. If #3 beats #5, I’m in, unless I get SMOKED by the #1 seed... who averages winning by nearly 58 points... I’m only up on #5 by 35... Should I throw the game on purpose today to get the 5th spot and deal with the game to stay in PL2 and get a better draft pick? This has been the craziest season.
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BCM Insider: Final Destination
Yggdrasil Midguards to the Cup Finals. Yes you read that correctly. After losing in the very first round of his first two Cup appearances in S14 and S15 after taking over late in Season 13, Coach Vincent Wood has managed his team to the S16 PL2 Finals against the Spartans. The semi finals were an even game until the third quarter when Yggdrasil explodes for 41 points in the quarter off of hot shooting for the Marksman, Quincy Mark and Power Forward Dryden Moorehouse who totaled 30 points of the 41. "This was a total team effort. All eight guys went out and performed admirably against a superior opponent and came away with a gorgeous win to secure a spot in the game that truly matters. The Cup Final against the Spartans will be my biggest game in my four seasons as Coach of Yggdrasil. We are still fighting to maintain our grip on our League and Im just so proud of how far these guys have come from a miserable 5th place finish last year, fighting in a relegation match just to stay in PL2...it looks like we will be stepping into PL3 unless anything drastic happens so the growth is just amazing." Coach Vincent Wood, who spent his first few seasons blowing up the roster for a rebuild has been asked recently after their crushing loss in the Regional Semis if he plans on selling or adding any players and after silently leaving reporters hanging after the game. tonight he was much more vocal. "One step at a time. We lost the semis pretty bad, but it was to a Pro Leage 6 team who moved to the region days before the tournament started to benefit their teams standing and ability to win games. My guys are top notch PL2/PL3 players based on their abilities so im not focused on much outside of my control. Losing in such a crucial game sucked but we are standing top of our league and heading to the cup finals. I might add firepower for backup but nobody is goinf anywhere at the moment. My players are happy, my owner is ecstatic, and the future looks bright." The interview courtside is cut short as a band od Yggdrasil players including C.J. Cabungcal, Dryden Moorehouse, Kassim Palumbo, and Arrone Picollo arrive and pour gatorade on their Coach in a hail of cheering and group hugging. Their howling cheers can be heard as they exit for the lockerroom. They would celebrate their victory for a while before hitting the Gym early for practice.
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'Zona basketball
come out sept 1st for the last regular season home game before the playoffs. experience the excitement of 'zona basketball. come be part of the 72% that fill the arena. the first 79 people will receive a foam finger. we ordered 80. but one was damaged in shipping. actually they all were. just one the finger totally came off. hey they were shipped from china. but the next 100 people get a keychain. it dont say zona. its actually a trout. but im sure its a fan of the team. but they were on sale from e-bay. so come on out and see the hooters girls. well they dont exactly work at hooters. but they have applied. and some really look like an owl. but with every beverage you buy you will receive a players cup. and not the cup that covers the players crotch this time. an actual cup. a great collectors item. if you dont pay attention to the 7-11 logo. also we will have $1 hot dogs for as long as this dude can keep sneaking them out of circle k. so its while supplies last or when he is caught and arrested. whichever comes first. so come on out and enjoy an exciting basketball game.
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League Clinching Win
By beating the only legitimate competition in my league by 50, I’ve guaranteed myself home court for the entire playoffs.
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Does anyone have a grasp on how to up your attendance? My assumption is that it has to do with a combination of how good your record is and the fame of your players, but was curious to know if anyone has any more solid knowledge of it. TIA
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Who will sell for more in market?
Who do you guys think will sell for more in market? Time for me to get ride of one of these guys.... I am kind of indifferent as to who I let go off
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'Zona Cats vs Freakshows
Its only a scrimmage tomorrow. and this is probably how i will have everything set to. i will more than likely be blown out. but will still be a good learning experience for PL2 next season on where i need to improve the most.
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one thing for sure...we are a well disciplined team. not one player is even averaging 2 fouls per game. i think i have 2 that average 1.8 and 1 that is as low as 0.7 so if i ever lose a league game i cant blame it on fouls.
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Worst 6 star
So I was looking around for 6 stars for heck of it. And found this player who is probably one of the worst builds I have ever seen. Has low 50's in handling for a point guard. And not much speed. Too go along with that he has high inside attributes to go along with 23 bmi. Would love to see someone worse. Haha
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to delegate a player?
what does that mean? did I lose player for accepting or will I get him later?
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Player contracts
Is it better to stack your team with 6+ star players, that will cost over 150+k a day, each, in contracts. Or is it better to have 1-3 "star" players, and fill the rest of the team with 5 - 5 1/2 star players, to control daily contract obligations? im only pro 1, but I was just wondering, since I'm wanting to build a team I can use for seasons to come.
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i feel like i know these guys...
we should go to hooters together for beer and wings by now. facing them for the fourth time in the last five scrimmages.
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idk what I'd do without Allen Peters he's retiring here! no disrespect to user gg
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Update Anti-Dumping Mechanism?
What’s it mean by that?
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which one????
what training eliminates so many turnovers? ball handling? i know theres no way of totally eliminating turnovers and there will be some. but in my last game, we won, but we had, in my opinion, way too many turnovers that could one day cost us.
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