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Player question
I have a center that i just got who is naturally 99 in strength but 25 in speed. He is about a 32 inside scoring and low 30s in rebounding and inside defense as well. Potential is mid 50s in all these categories with a disaster playmaking skill set. First scrimmage I put him in against a 44 level team and using 3 additionally completely new guys, he put up 30 points on almost 50% shooting. On top of this, I witnessed him in 4 instances push himself from 3 point line into paint and followed that by dunking over the defensive center - I’ve never seen this in the game until today.... Now, he is an absolute disaster on defensive side, he moves back to defense in slow motion so a lot of times, the opposing player is wide open for a shot. Can this defensive slowness be fixed with speed badge and defensive IQ? The offensive skills will most likely be unreal when maxed but worried about wasting time on the guy that I can get a decent penny for if those defensive skills are a hidden attribute for him.... thanks!
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Serious flaws in game!!
It is chocking to me after I don’t know how many seasons this game has been in place, that you still have completely irrational behavior towards end of games. Just lost a game against number 3 team evasive my guys first decides to take a quick shot with 15 seconds left of game 12 seconds left of shot clock and then deciding to give a shooting foul from close to half court being up 3 with 2 seconds left on clock..... how hard can it be to fix this obvious disaster flaw?? Similarly how hard can it be to fix a code where you are down by 2 points at end of overtime and one of your guys is standing completely open underneath basket with 4 seconds left, and despite this your ball handler runs from half court tries to dribble around a guy and gets an offensive foul?? These issues really are so simple to fix but such a huge flaws that destroys an amazing game! all the hard work for absolutely nothing when this happens!
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Training tips?
I just got this guy and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to train him, with his high speed I was thinking about training him into a slasher but I'm new so maybe that's not the best idea.
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seven-star Lebron james on the market!!! A very versatile seven-star player has been linked to the trading market, there are still seven hours before the trading deadline, welcome to buy.
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Grey Out
how do you get greyed out names into roster?
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updated team with salary cuts
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I’d like everyone to take a moment to appreciate this
The wins and losses so far this season are perfectly sequential and that made me happy
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Interview with Real Talk Sports
Interviewer: Look before we begin, let me say this. I know you don’t like me, I don’t like you, so lets just keep it simple, answer these questions and get it over with, cool? *Trav looks around* Interviewer: What are you looking for? TC: You must be talking to someone else, mfer I don’t even know you. I’m already not feeling your vibe. Interviewer: Yeah, whatever. TC: Come up in here, in my face, breath smelling like baby sh*t. Here, take this Peppermint candy before you kill us. That breath equally dangerous to the Chernobyl accident. But just call me Trav and we copacetic. Cameraman: Rolling Interviewer: On behalf of Real Talk Sports, I’m Eric Bailey, I’m sitting here with Clover Garden owner, Trav. Trav can you tell us a little about your background? TC: I grew up in a house. Interviewer: ...Okay, where at? TC: In a city. Interviewer: Okay. Which city? TC: A city with people. *Interviewer motions for the camera to cut.* Interviewer: *Annoyed* Okay, can you answer the questions? TC: The fu*k you think I’m doing? Interviewer: Care to be more detailed? TC: You didn’t say all that, you said keep it simple. But okay. Interviewer: *Palms forehead* God be with me. Next time I have to cut, interview is over. Roll’em TC: Why you say God be with you? Interviewer: It’s this little thing they taught us to say in divinity school. TC: You’re a Preacher? Interviewer: I used to be, but I quit. *snarls* TC: Da*n you people become ordained and just quit like you’re leaving a McDonald’s. Y’all gonna bust h*ll wide open one day. Feet have to already be burning, but you probably think it’s athletes foot. Interviewer: I get annoyed easily, I start lashing out at people, I want people to look up to me. TC: So annoyed, that it makes you want to do some dumb sh*t, like burning your Nikes you already paid for, huh? Interviewer. Exactly - ugh...Anyway, can we get back to task? Roll cameras. Cameraman: We’ve been live all this time. Interviewer: What?! Cut. TC: Welp, that’s my cue that the interview is over. Deuces.
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Awesome player on market!!!
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Advanced campus is such a bogus money sucker
Just got enough diamonds for 2 advanced campuses and got 2 6 star players that are average at best, the rest complete junk. Do yourself a favor and do not waste money on it!!! So damn pissed at moment....
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Just showing off my guy
I am proud of how he is turning out. I decided to try training him differently then I have done on other players, and I'm super impressed with the results. I have decided to use the same method for training every player from now on, because I think I accidentally figured out how to get the most of out my players that are raw talent I acquired this guy last season, and he has just exploded for me.
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this my main guy. he never seems to get points for training but he is my main scorer. so i did get him a 3 badge. understand now dont buy badges but was it smart to buy one with his skills at this time?
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National/Regional cup
How is everyone's national/Regional cup going? I just finished up by beating a team in a higher league than me which put me at 5-0, now just waiting to see if I will make the cut.
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Tips for begginers 2.1
Maxed out the other one lol Training (cont.) Rarely All around players are really any good...think well before training one...in higher leagues they are rare because attributes are so high and better players so expensive... Attributes that aren't essencial for the player position (like Rebounding for PG's) should be the last thing that you look before buying or when training a player (unless you have to correct the player's BMI to train the main attributes...in that case spending some time training that is okay. But not a lot of time). It's a waste of time to train a 70 speed guy to be a "slasher" (I hate that kind of player build because most of the time it sucks...People often don't know how to create one...) or a 60 str C to be a monster down low....unless you use medals to correct that weakness... But a 60 str PF built for OS and with good Reb and ID could work really well. THINK BEFORE TRAINING A PLAYER 4 - Arena UPGRADE IT. 5 - Finances USE MONEY TO UPGRADE YOUR ARENA. Great players are expensive (to buy and to pay) so you will need the money that a big arena can give you. 6 - Tatics Play with them a little, try different settings, maybe you'll surprise yourself. 7- Draft Always try it...its cheaper than buying the same player in the market (talking about good players) 8 - Cup I don't care about it lol....But it's a nice trophy to have if you can get it without compromising your season. 9 - National Cup See 8. And don't cry about having to play against teams in higher leagues...its the NATIONAL CUP (or regional cup in some cases). Its SHOULD be hard. 10 - Doubts Any doubts about any tip? just ask and I'll try to answer. Disagree with anything that I said? If you talk about it in a respectful way I will talk with you...if you don't, I will ignore you. All the tips were made thinking about all the stupid things that I did playing this game since season 2...I'm still in League 5 meaning that I suck at it so they aren't the MANUAL TO WIN IT ALL lol but they can really help you...maybe... Kisses, uncle loves you all :***
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Tips for Begginers 2.0
Yes, it's time to remember some stuff I said long ago in "Tips for begginers" and to add some new stuff. Let's go o/ 1 - Amateur, League 1, League 2 and sometimes League 3 are REALLY EASY, and I mean it. So there's a great chance that you will get promoted if you do some simple things you'll have a great future without compromissing your present A - Don't spend your gems!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SPEND YOUR GEMS!!!!! When you get to higher leagues it'll be very very hard to get more of these and your players will really need badges to get an edge against tougher competition. B - Don't spend your coins without thinking first about how you want your team to play: Do you focus more on hulking brutes to attack inside? Sharpshooters to rain 3's? Think well about your strategy and little by little you'll get great results C - There's a Training Cap in each league. That means that when the attribute is close to that cap it will slow down even if your player has a lot of potential still. D - Look at BMI, Height, Fundamentals and after at Attributes. When you get a good look at all that you can make a good picture of the max version of the same player. Is it worth buying a 201 cm 22 BMI and 35 Str player with C skills? Prob not. E - People will say that you'll need to spend money to get ahead....well...money does help. But as a Free Player that has NEVER put any money here : being patient, smart (and having luck one time or another) pays off long term. 2 - About Players Builds That's a topic that makes even some older players confused. People don't get why a team with lower overall always beat them by a lot....well there's the answer: Player Builds!!! Why does a 4 1/2 star player plays better than my 5 1/2? Player Build!! It doesn't matter if you have a team full of 6 stars players maxed out if when the final product is...bad...like...really bad... Let me give you an example Player A Player B 201 cms 201 cms BMI 22 BMI 22 Speed 70 Speed 70 OD 45 OD 45 OS 45 OS 45 PM 45 PM 45 10 points per game 16 points per game 32% Shooting 41% Shooting 1 steal per game 3,5 steals per game 1 Block per game 0,2 block per game 6 assists per game 3 assists per game At first glance they look the same but their game stats are VERY different. Some will think that's because of the Famous Hidden Attribute...well...that's wrong...badges? Maybe close to maxed ones. But there's a easy answer: HOW THEY WERE TRAINED!! Let's look at our players again Player A Player B OD 45 OD 45 Man to man 140 Man to man 150 Contest shot 140 Contest shot 70 Steal 140 Steal 200 OS 45 OS 45 2 Point 120 2 Point 200 3 Point 120 3 Point 40 Driving 120 Driving 40 Off Ball 120 Off Ball 200 PM 45 PM 45 Passing 150 Passing 110 Dribbling 120 Dribbling 200 Pass Vision 150 Pass Vision 110 See? They are VERY different and that means different in game results...and different ways to use them. Player A would prob be a backup PG on some teams (or not even that) while B could be the starting SG on some teams (lack of 3 point shooting would be kinda hard to swallow). For this example I didn't use things like rebounding, Inside shooting etc because it would be a lot of work lol but almost always people try to make Player A be a slasher - like player with 140 Layup or something like that...Spoiler alert : it doesn't work...at all... 3 - Training The most important fact about training that you should know: Good players take time to train... Right now my team has a training period of 3,5 seasons before the guy can see some league action as a backup (unless s*** happens)....and I mean video training and normal training... That happens because when you get closer to the league ceiling training starts to slow down to a crawl...even video training will get poor results...but that's when you start to go to the same level as the monsters in your league...that guy that gets 10 Offensive rebounds per game and isn't maxed out yet? He prob get's 1 point in OF rebounding after 14 trainings more or less....there's a good chance that he will start to decline before maxing out...but will be great at it (at the Right league levels) The monster shooter that cans 50% of his 3's? the same... Of course that doesn't mean you will neglect to train other stuff with him. But think about what to train.
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Red bar
how to lower red bar?
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Couple of Question
using 1st player Pg Sg The first position shown is their actual position right? why are my C red? Do you have to train every1 at same time? So from what everyone sees .... I need a PF right?
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The red is what I am spending daily right?
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this guy literally does anything for me on the court. If I need him to protect the paint he does..if I need him to run point he does..if I need him to hit a big three he does that...I can go on and on the point is you wouldn’t wanna let this guy pass you up at only 21 years of age sky is the limit for this kid I need coins bad so unfortunately we have to part ways😩😩🧐😱
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so if i am understanding the game some 11/11 mean no traing can be done for said skill correct?
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