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ORIGINAL Facebook Group Chat
Guys if you want to join the group chat post a picture of your profile in the comments or simply send me a friend request or message on Facebook. This is as simple as it gets👍🏽 sorry if you felt it was complicated in the past!
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Facebook Group
Let’s do this the right way now. Everyone who would like to join the group, please search and click join. Everyone who joins will be added to the Facebook Messenger group. This makes it easier to find people when trying to add them to Messenger. I will create the messenger group. Thanks
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BCM Insider: Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Yggdrasil Midguards voted today in a closed door meeting. The 14 various men and women took a majority vote on the decision to replace majority share holder, Alfred Young as Head Owner. Alfred, who has been in position since he and his financial team acquired the organization. Alfred Young has spent many days in the Hospital this past season due to failing health and trusted sources have said it has lead to various members of Young's family and inner circle of friends over stepping their bounds and influencing basketball and business decisions. There were multiple clauses and guidelines set and apparently his inability to appear at mutiple meetings due to health concerns was just the icing on the cake. The 14 Board Members passed their majority vote, 8 to 6 in favor of terminating Alfred Young's shares (with a payout), effective immediatly and furthermore on September 25th, they will go forward with another vote to decide the fate of suspended Coach, Vincent Wood who gave notification that he would sign with another organization before the start of Season 19. The Coach was loved by fans and players alike and has stated he would rather stay where he has spent the last four season, winning an Amateur Championship his first season in tenure. Following promotion after their first Pro League One season, he faced a tough year in Season 15 in PL2 but the MidGuards recovered to finish fifth and win their relegation game. Next season they capitalized on that experience and won the PL2 Cup, made it to regional semis and won their League. Thats when the turmoil started. Heading into PL3, expectations soared and the team struggled early again. Vincent Wood saw his role in player acquistions scouting lessened as majority owner Young brought in his own people to help. Wood and the outside influences clashed and after the decision to sell star players Aronne Picollo and Igor Đecevic and Wood was placed on indefinite leave while matters were settled. Tomorrow we will know what happens...stay tuned.
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Q&A w/Clover Garden owner Travis Cloverfield
Interviewer: Mr. Cloverfield, thanks for your time. As you know this is all, straightforward, honest Q&A. TC: Let’s begin. Call me Trav. I don’t like all that Mister sh**. Interviewer: Trav, okay. Your team saw some major changes after season 16, care to shed some light? TC: Season 15 we went to the finals, season 16 we fell from 4th to 6th in a day. We should’ve never been in that position. So I cleaned house, brought in this organization’s first women’s head coach, new General Manager and moved every founding member off this team because they were bums. Interviewer: Were you met with some backlash for trading away founding players? TC: Absolutely. It was a tough decision, but ultimately winning cures everything in sports. Interviewer: Which player in particular? TC: I had seen petitions online calling for me to be fired over cutting Jud Maddux. Little did they know, I own this team. Told them, I’ll shut this bit** down and move this franchise to Montana. Ha ha ha - no. But seriously. I’ll do it. I’m about that life, I grew up in Baltimore. Interviewer: Now that you guys are champions, what’s the plan moving ahead? TC: To build off this momentum, we accumulated a 16 game winning streak. I want more nets being cut down. If not I’ll fire personnel and cut players. I’m the Al Davis, George Steinbrenner and Vince McMahon of basketball. Interviewer: interesting. Which players are you excited about watching next season? TC: Jesse German has been a work in progress for us. I want him to cut all the fancy passing and be the dominant center I drafted him to be. Won’t come a foot off the ground at 7’2, but will let a 6’6 Guard box him out. Excited to see our new floor General in action, his name is Sun — I don’t know how to pronounce the rest of his name. Why can’t people have normal names like Arthur or John? You have a normal name? What’s your name? Interviewer: Bartholomew. TC: Bart—-what? Interviewer. Switching gears. Your current Point Guard is in all likelihood going to be league MVP. You’re willing to sit him for a Guard you signed? TC: Is a frog’s ass water tight? Reeder was never a true Point, our PG of the future was slow to develop, so we made an adjustment and later sent him packing. I wouldn’t sit him, I’d trade him away. Interviewer: I am sure once he sees this interview you’ll have some questions to answer. TC: It’s just business. I don’t owe loyalty to these players. I owe the fans, specifically season ticket holders, I owe them a winning product. I’m always going to look for ways to better the product they pay for. Interviewer: Okay. Off the record final questions. Favorite color? TC: Atomic tangerine. Interviewer: ...Okay. Favorite food? TC: I don’t know man. Little Caesar’s crazy bread. I feel like I’m filling out a plenty of fish dating profile. Interviewer: Okay, okay, one more. Favorite movie? TC: The Goonies Interviewer: Any last remarks? TC: F*ck Donald Trump, I’m running for President in 2020. Be sure to check out the team’s victory parade, some players might be gone in season 18.
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Selling 6 star and 5.5 star when market opens
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2 Finals!!!
2 Finals back to back, I'm still here ballerz just been focused on work and getting my team together. Definitely looking forward to next season!!🏀🏆 #dgent 17
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5 1/2, 6, 6 1/2 star quality future stars for sale!!
Dropping some bench players only 5 hours left to grab them!!
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off to level 3 we go.. oh what a championship game
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Fix Line-up adjustments and intensity level Please
So I was playing the finals in my league last night and when I woke up this morning I saw that I lost my first game of the season. I was surprised at the loss so looked into it and I found out that my intensity level was set at relaxed. I thought maybe I somehow didn’t click on the change despite looking at the settings 10+ times before going to bed last night. Then recently, I looked at my line up for the game and I had scrimmage line up in place. I know for a fact that I changed my line up to best match the team I was playing because I spend an hour scouting and figure out the perfect lineup. Now is it possible that I am insane and either changed back to a scrimmage lineup before going to bed or just dreaming of changing line up - I guess anything is possible but I highly doubt it. So 1) curious if anyone else has experienced a glitch like this before? 2) can next update please consider having a way to have one lineup for scrimmage and one for other games? Also maybe allow us to not play scrimmage games and still get the fatigue bonus from playing relaxed? really frustrating to see my team lose the finals due to a freaking glitch - if that is the case. Never had a mess up like this in any game before so again, really don’t think this was a mistake on my part.... just lost a trophy, mvp award, and more coins and diamonds...
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Level 4
Level 4 we’re coming for you ..made it to top 10 in US .i know eventually my luck will run out I’m expecting a big jump in competition eventually ...
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Guys I overpaid for this guy what should I do with him😭🤣
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Where did you land this year
I might get my first one
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Shock upset👏
Beat the 46.51 overall (I’m 43.21) number 1 seed to advance to the big dance, handing him only his second defeat of the season. (Me as well) Couldn’t be prouder of the boys but it’s not over yet we have one more to win, but promotion was definitely unexpected and a big surprise! Team effort, all starters got double figures and none got to 20!
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Bryan Pham with 3 steals and 5 points in 47 seconds‼️That’s how you silence any debate of who the MVP of the league is💪🏽 And a big shout out the 35 Overall rookie Center Leland Dahl with 13pts 7/7 from the free throw line with just 12 minutes off the bench!! They shot better all game but in crunch time the chimps showed why they are the #1 seed with only 2 losses in 2 years🦍🦍 What a finish to advance to the Pro 2 finals‼️‼️ If you guys want to see the final 60 second finish add your Facebook name and I’ll add you to our group chat🤙🏽💪🏽
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Set lineups in advance!!
Please allow us to setup the lineups a few games in advance!!! I’ve just been relegated because of the lack of this feature!! C’mon!!!
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Ticket sales
This morning’s game was my highest selling game to date. Yet I made way less in comparison than the previous home games - is there something I’m not understanding?
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All The Way UP!!
Playoffs Ready🤘🏿
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It’s time boys!! Saddle up and get ready for a dog fight. It won’t be easy but who said creating a legacy would be?! Stay patient and be critical in every move gentleman. Go luck from the WAR CHIMPS‼️‼️
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BCM Insider: Power Struggle
Yggdrasil owner, Alfred Young has issued a statement on the release of two star players, #16 Igor Đecevic was S16 Finals MVP and S16 Sixth Man of the year. #20 Aronne Picollo, the first draft pick in suspended Coach, Vincent Wood's Coaching career has been a staple of the roster since S14 and has provided very steady defense and offense for the past three seasons. Both losses will prove hard holes to fill but it is expected that younger players will be trusted and forced to fill the minute gap left by the two stars. Nobody knows if this is a planned rebuild, or if Owner Alfred Young is looking to make some coin off of teams preparing for the Finals. Former Coach Vincent Wood has finally been reached after the reports of the sale, "Atrocious. Whoever has Alfred's ear should be ashamed. The Board needs to step in. I am close to accepting another offer at the start of next season but my choice is to be back with the Midguards. To Aronne Picollo and Igor Đecevic you were two of the finest players I've ever Coached and last years Cup and League Championship will always be remembered. Serve your new teams with honor. Chin up lads. Stay rooted."
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