Bug Report
Nice way to start off :)
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SELL 6 stars after 12 and a half hours
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Shooting IQ
Today I learned when you give someone a godly shooting IQ but they suck at shooting they just don’t take any shots... at all... I have a player who hasn’t taken a shot in 2 games with more than 15 minutes of playing time in each game
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TMZ catches up with Clover Garden Owner
TMZ: Trav, we just caught security escorting you out of the BCM Owners Lounge, tough break, huh? Trav: I know right, guess I won’t get a league good samaritan award. It’s the price you pay when you don’t care to fit the standards of everyone else. TMZ: Sources indicate you’re difficult to deal with and had harsh words for another Owner. Trav: Being difficult and being true to yourself are two differences. Sometimes people need a reality check, if it cost me a spot amongst the elite so to say, so be it. I’m still me. TMZ: If you could say anything to the other owners in the group, what would it be. Trav: I mean let’s keep it 100, no owner needs a circle to validate themselves. Nothing but love to the other Owners, truthfully - well almost all. But it’s not for me. I can’t get a good feel of people talking the same exact sh*t everyday, feel me? Who I am can be too raw for people. TMZ: Sometimes you have to tone it down. Trav: Get fu*ked TMZ: What’s next? Trav: Keep grindin’, keep the team winning and be black and proud.
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This guy has stepped up and became my star
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Lol 😆
On a relaxed defense I bet my opponent 116-60 !! GO BALLERS!!👏👍
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game times
Why are all my scheduled games are at 4:30am? That is ridiculous!
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Two players haven't missed a free throw.
I currently have two players who have not missed a free throw yet this season. One only has 11 in a row, but the other has made 33 in a row to start this season. I was wondering how far anyone has ever made it without missing one.
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Time to Worry
It’s time to start being worried for Double X. They are 1-4 through 5 games and are looking like they will be stuck in PL2 for the third straight season. They are hoping to turn it around in the last 12 games, but let’s see. They are already over the cap significantly, and with salaries rising again next season, Double X will be in bad shape.
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Clutch vets
This is my favorite vet on my squad he has been with me since season 13 and has been the most clutch player I’ve ever had and the best rim protector I dnt have many more seasons with him before he retires so Hopefully he will be a hall of famer for me. Show me your favorite vet guys who’s the old man you keep around to help the young guys out.
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Training players to ridiculous heights
Just saw a player with 42 maxed outside shooting but had 194 in 2 point shooting and 191 in 3 point shooting. Meanwhile I have maxed out guys with 58 outside shooting with 170 in each. How are these people training lower skilled players to crazy high stats? I’m in PL4, are they just players owned by PL7?
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National/regional Rank
I have a silly question. I know it’s a game and all but if I won the United States Championship 2 years back to back without ever losing a single game how could I possibly be ranked 38? I should be #1 until I lose right?
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Old Farts
Ok, to all the experienced managers in here. Please ease up on the new bloods coming in. We all had our moments in the lower leagues. Let’s help grow the game by helping the new kids instead of getting annoyed. If you see them post “joyful” (sarcasm) comments. Just let them have their moments. I know sometimes it’s hard to bite your tounge when you see things posted like “I’m coming for you” or something like that. Lets be honest whether we tell them or not they will find out that the farther they progress the harder the competition gets. All i’m saying is. Lets not stomp their fire out right now. Stomp it when they get to your league level. Then it’s fair game. Just ask Zona Cats. Once he reached PL3 reality set in. And so it did for alot of us including myself. Not picking on you Zona. Your just a great example lol. Alright lets COMPETE BABY!!! Good luck to all unless against me. If your playing me. I hope all your players catch the flu this season! Hahaha...
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Styling and profiling!! Whoooooo!!
5-0 !! Can't wait to get to the real competition;)
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New guys
F*ck what anybody else says, talk your sh*t. As long as you’re being respectful and the Moderator doesn’t have a problem with it. Anyone in a higher league no better than you as a person here, they just been playing longer. They’re not a bcm stakeholder, they don’t own this b*tch, keep doing you. They’re a consumer just like everyone else here is.
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Defensive Intensity
Hey guys, whats the reasoning behind defensive intensity not taking effect when doing challenges? If the players are playing a full game, why is fatigue not effected when doing challenges?
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Horrible performance
Do you guys team ever have absolutely horrible performances? Where they shot 25-30% overall field goals, are out rebounded 2-1 or more, and opponents seem to be making every shot?? And against even teams... So frustrating watching every other game my team plays, so inconsistent.... and they fall back into the run back to take long 2s or 3s. It’s like going back in time prior to 2 updates ago... lost second round in cup again tonight and yes, was one of those absolutely horrible performances...
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Small ball
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed an uptick in players that are 198cm (6’5) and are able to play every position on the court? I’m in pl3 for the third time looking to get past the first round of playoffs this time and figured I will try this experiment out I’ve noticed these players are playing with a lot of heart especially at the pf position
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New Guys
I appreciate your competitive drive, and wish you nothing but success as you work your way through the lower leagues building your team to be successful. There is a group of guys that would be more than happy to share the lessons we've learning working our way up the ranks. We don't always agree on how to be successful in this game which is what makes this game stupid fun, but ultimately it's better for all... With that said, please for the love people... Don't brag about dominating the amateur leagues and pro league 1... If you DON'T go undefeated through those leagues, you're not trying to win, or you're just plain doing it wrong! You want respect? You want to compete? You think you're the best? Good attitude! Reply to this thread and I'll arrange some challenges with some of these guys that play this game right and we can see where you rate... Until then, keep dominating those bots and unmanaged teams while staying humble while you work your way to the real leagues... Ask questions when you have them and we'll help where we can! Good luck and see you in a few seasons! Sincerely, An annoyed upper league competitor
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Price check
I’ve been on the fence with whether I want to sell this guy or train him up and try to build around him. How much would he fetch in auction? Any good predictions? If it doesn’t have the legit potential to sell for a price I deem reasonable, it could push me to keep him. Thanks ahead for responses!
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