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New Guys
I appreciate your competitive drive, and wish you nothing but success as you work your way through the lower leagues building your team to be successful. There is a group of guys that would be more than happy to share the lessons we've learning working our way up the ranks. We don't always agree on how to be successful in this game which is what makes this game stupid fun, but ultimately it's better for all... With that said, please for the love people... Don't brag about dominating the amateur leagues and pro league 1... If you DON'T go undefeated through those leagues, you're not trying to win, or you're just plain doing it wrong! You want respect? You want to compete? You think you're the best? Good attitude! Reply to this thread and I'll arrange some challenges with some of these guys that play this game right and we can see where you rate... Until then, keep dominating those bots and unmanaged teams while staying humble while you work your way to the real leagues... Ask questions when you have them and we'll help where we can! Good luck and see you in a few seasons! Sincerely, An annoyed upper league competitor
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Price check
I’ve been on the fence with whether I want to sell this guy or train him up and try to build around him. How much would he fetch in auction? Any good predictions? If it doesn’t have the legit potential to sell for a price I deem reasonable, it could push me to keep him. Thanks ahead for responses!
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All a board!!!
Who wants to jump on this band wagon?? we going straight to the top baby!!!
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New but Aweeome
I'm new but I'm coming for you
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Starting to stir it up.
4-0 baby!!! whoooooooooo!!!!
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Playmaking skills as a team
I spent time early on playing this game lookin for players with great (or great potential) playmaking skills building my team around it. My thought was that they would move the ball really well finding open guys for great looks. In 4 seasons and soon 4 games into the 5th season I have never played a team (season, cup, region or scrimmage) that has better playmaking skills as a team. Despite this, my guys usually have an equal amount of turnovers and don’t move around the ball creating good looks more or less than any other team I play (usually the opposite). As such, what is playmaking good for? Every single game when comparing teams it says “opposing team is weak in playmaking, you may want to make use of it” or something along those lines. How the hell do I make use of my playmaking skills???? It is hard without spending a lot of money to build a team the way you want because it seems like a crap shot to find players with hidden attributes that match your goals. If players with strong playmaking skills aren’t better than others at passing and finding open players, what is the point of attributes? I am now 2-1 in pl3 and doing well so not complaining, just curious how to build a team the way you want if skills are useless to look at...
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War chimps
Thanks war chimps I got your guy Clint for a steal I love these undersized guys that can play multiple positions I needed some defense bad can’t believe I got him for only 259k such a steal.
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Your Time is up!!
The High Ballers are blazing in and taking over!!!
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All Star SG on the market 😞😞
I hate to put him on the market but I need to make a little coin.
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THE Best Rebound Pair You Can Get.
Coming in 6 hours
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tomorrow about 21:25,thx everybody!
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Tomorrow mountain time 6:58 am 6 star C/PF on sale
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Here to announce that the Tigers are here to take the court. We have a selection of some talented young players who will blow y’alls mind. Here are the TIGERSSSS!!!
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Current league standings
How is Season 18 going so far? Feel free to share!
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my first player that I scout that's 6 1/2 stars
my first 6 1/2 star player that I have scouted. I hope I'm able to draft him!!
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After a comfortable 2-0 start in league play we have run into some tough competition in the first round of the cup! We plan on taking the cup this year but that can’t happen if we get canceled out first round 😤😤
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How do you add stars on to your player
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Clover Garden Press Conference
Trav: Good afternoon, I’m Travis Cloverfield, owner of Clover Garden. Thank you all for coming out today, let us begin with questions. CBS News: This morning fans lined up outside this arena in protest of your decision to cut and sell the players that brought this organization and city a championship. TC: Look. Where are these protesters? Outside, right? Exactly - they’re outside worried about a business move I made that’s paying off for the team already. These are the type of bit*hes that have debt collectors constantly calling their phone and got lights in their kids name, but worried about what a self-made man like myself is doing. These people wouldn’t sweep at their own porch if the broom was in their hand. We have sold out both home games since those players were moved and will sell out today’s home game as well. Fox Sports: You are a colorful person, has anyone behind the scenes ever whispered to you to tone it down? TC: You want me to turn down my blackness in other words? I believe in being honest and keeping it 100. Look at me like the President of the country, only I don’t lie and pander to a specific group of confederate flag waving hicks. I tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. If I want to say “y’all going to he*l” I’ll say it. Say what you mean, mean what you say. ESPN: You recently stirred a ruckus to some kids and their parents over a plate sale for little league basketball players, can you explain what happened? TC: Look, fu*k these parents. They were helping raise money for kids to buy new uniforms. I bought a plate and when I opened it, I felt ripped off. These folk tried to sell me a $8 plate of Uncle Ben’s rice, some coleslaw and some cornbread that looked like it was dry enough that choke the sh*t out of a cow. And wanted $1.50 for a can of Walmart Great Value soda. You trying to raise money for kids, or to pay some bills? When people are buying something, make sure it’s a good product, don’t half-as* it and use the kids as a crutch. So what I’ll do is buy the kids the uniforms myself. Anymore questions? Channel 2: Omar N’Guett cleared waivers and is currently looking for a team, would you welcome him back under a cheaper contract if he isn’t picked up. TC: He*l naw. Would you take your ex back after nobody wanted her? No you wouldn’t, unless you desperate. I’m not desperate. I am a believer in continuing to move forward. No man that misses not 1, not 2, but 3 wide open layups deserves to wear a jersey here. Fuck that n*g*a. *Fans gasp* TC: Thank you all for your time.
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anybody else have this problem?
when sending a message to somebody on your friends list. no matter what the last word you typed was. when you send it. that last word is always deleted. and yeah i know you only have so many characters to type. these are 4-8 word sentences. so its not the length.
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Issue with forum
Am I the only one that can’t see more than one line of text in the initial posts in the forum?
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